These days more and more people pick coloring books to entertain themselves and relax for a while. We have looked through the various types of coloring books and picked the one that we think is the best option on the market.

    This coloring journal turned out to have all the qualities the best coloring journal should has. Its high quality leathery hard cover and numerous cool and engaging illustrations won us over.

    Let’s see more in detail what the coloring journal has to offer.

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    Coloring Journal.. what is it?

    Basically, it is a paper notebook. It goes with illustrations that can be colored and blank pages for taking random notes.
    Coloring journal has 176 pages with 50 various pictures created by different worldwide artists. Actually, there are several types of pages:

    Pages to color: a single page coloring and a two-page coloring. Most definitely, regarding the creative design of the images, you will find pictures for any mood. Among the images you can find patterns, pics of animals, pieces of wardrobe and many more interesting illustrations.

    Pages for notes: aside from the coloring pages, you have blank pages. For example, you ca use it for taking random notes or making sketches, composing bucket lists or planning trips.

    Speaking of the notebook’s size, it’s an A5 format which is quite handy. You can carry it around in your bag that makes it available for you anytime you need to take a note or do some coloring. It has front and back hard cover with leathery feeling and rounded corners.
    The journal can get you occupied for quite a while so there is no chance you get bored ;)

    Perks of having a coloring journal

    In this coloring journal you can find any type of pictures beginning with flowery stuff to animals and pieces of wardrobe. The pictures vary not only by subject but also by the amount of details in it. Therefore, you can pick either the one that takes less time to be colored or you can go for the one that will take you fully into the process. Saying ‘fully’ I mean literally the whole day.
    Another amazing thing about coloring journal is that the pictures suited to every fancy. Taking your time to get some rest and do some coloring you can immediately take notes. Ideas come and go if they are not written down. Having the notebook at hand will be your advantage.

    The styles of drawings deserve a separate paragraph. They are really unique and diverse which encourages you to be creative. For instance, you can create bucket lists that would associate with a picture on the right hand side. You can find in the notebook images of iguana head, different kind of feathers, socks, owls, foxes and cats or even a mandala image. Therefore, everyone will find an image to color.

    Journal pencils cats

    Three types of paper: Blank, Ruled or Dot Grid

    Also, the paper is another important element of the journal. Coloring journal has 3 types of paper: ruled, dot grid and simple blank pages. It’s definitely great to have options to choose from. Moreover, the paper is very smooth that goes great with pencils and gel pens. Being acid free, the paper will not deteriorate on the effect of light. Thus, your colored images and sketches of your own will live long enough for your children to see them.

    Last but not least, there is one more feature the coloring journal has. It is a little pocket in the back. You can keep stuff there which is great. What’s the point? Well, the more pieces of paper you keep in the pocket, the less chances you get lost in ‘the world of lost notes’: we usually grab pieces of paper to make one more extremely important list.


    Why coloring journal is so relevant?

    Surfing through the various coloring books one can take notice that all of them large in size. However, coloring journal has quite handy dimensions. You can easily put the notebook in a bag and use it whenever you want. You can take it to the beach to do some coloring, or take it with you on a trip. Most definitely there will be plenty of things you would like to write down. It’s always great to have a compact notebook to keep your ideas safe in one place.


    It’s also great for professional environment. For instance, the coloring journal works also for those who are going back to school. As it has classy black design, you can use it (again) taking notes, or relaxing a bit during the lunch hours. Especially in school it’s important to have some time to relax and give your brain a break.

    Don’t be afraid to be creative. Invent your own way to use a notebook and enjoy coloring.

    Appearance matter

    One of the greatest things about coloring journal is its professional look. The notebook has leathery hard cover that is nice to hold in hands. Yes, it’s completely black. No matter where you decide to take it out of your bag and start coloring, its look will keep your little secret hobby safe and sound.


    More to say, coloring journal goes in a nice paper cover. That’s the kind of notebook that you would want to give as a gift, because the packaging looks really great and stylish. What is more, the journal also has narrow yellow bookmark to keep the marked whatever page you are working on.

    Hence, it can be a gift to a friend, or a gift to yourself. It doesn’t matter how old we are, it’s always a delight to give yourself something nice to enjoy.


    Paper’s quality

    As it was mentioned before, there are 3 types of paper: ruled, dot grid and blank.

    Ruled pages. They are great for making notes, lists or writing poems. It depends more on how you like to use simple notebooks, for example. Otherwise, you can make coloring journal your personal creative spot and use it to create something arty-like.
    Blank pages. These ones would suit best for sketches. Actually, it’s an awesome idea coloring the existing pictures and creating the pics of your own in the very same place. I would say that creative artists or simply people who like to draw would appreciate the blank pages the most.

    Dot grid pages. That is an option for people who are fond of making sketches and… making lists as well.
    The paper is not too thick, so you can get the most for your money. More to say, it has a pleasant white cream color which is great for the eyes.

    Fascinating illustrations

    In the coloring journal you will find 50 unique illustrations. Most of them are a one-page picture, yet there are a few double-page spreads. Indeed, they are great for coloring as there are a lot of details to work on.

    Let’s talk more in details about the pictures you get for coloring. There different types of illustrations. If you would like to spend more time coloring, pick the ones with a lot of details and tiny patterns. However, if you want to finish the picture in several hours, pick the images with fewer details. Of course, you can use any picture for the matter by using several colors to finish up. Be creative! Use your imagination to create your own style of coloring.


    Frankly speaking, finding a way to color the pictures can be a great exercise to develop creativity. Simply coloring pictures, your brain gets a free time. In other words, while you are focused on picking the right color for the picture element, you might get answers to questions you have been thinking on for quite a while. Coloring journal can and will surprise you. That’s for sure!
    Instruments for coloring

    Most definitely, the best instruments are color pencils. Using the pencils give you more options to play with colors within one picture. For example, you can color layer after layer to get the perfect color you have imagined for the picture. Remember, imagination is the key.

    Using gel pens may be an option you would like to consider. Surely, there will be fewer in-between tints you can use. Still, you can play with colors and eventually create something extraordinary with a picture.

    How to purchase
    If you enjoyed this notebook the way we did, you can order it by following the link: https://coloringnotebook.com/ Also, you can use Amazon & Etsy to get your brand new coloring journal.

    Personal preferences

    As an author of the review, I think that the concept of the product is amazing. Just think of how many notebooks there are on the market. The same story is with coloring books. Yet, the coloring journal combines the both notebook and coloring book in one just perfectly.

    Main problem of the color books is their size and typical flowery or pattern designs. Firstly, you can’t really carry it around all the time. Even though your bag is big enough, wide color books are not great to use them in public. Secondly, the designs get under your skin eventually. You start to look either for another color book to work on, or leaving the idea of coloring behind.

    pencils box

    The coloring journal is unique in terms of concept and usability. First of all, it has perfect dimensions. You can put it in your hand bag and forget about it till the time you need it. Second of all, the smaller canvas allows you to spend less time to finish up the image. If you are a person who does not like to leave the work half-done, this notebook was made for you. And even if you are making shading and everything, it will take you less time than a regular color book would take.

    Speaking of the paper type, personally I would go for the ruled one. As a person who is addicted to writing, taking notes and making lists, that is the best option. Besides, you can pick a particular picture for coloring and make some notes that will be associated with the illustration. This way you could just look at the picture to remember what you were writing about while coloring it. I think that’s a really great idea.

    Coloring: the major trend or a useful tool for a better life?

    Coloring books has become a massive trend these days, yet some of us is still associating coloring with a childhood hobby. However, scientists proved that coloring has an extremely therapeutic influence. Coloring can help generating wellness, mindfulness and general peace of mind. Some say that coloring is like meditation. It has the exact same benefits that imparts on the brain.

    Give your brain a break

    Speaking of the scientists that proved the therapeutic benefits of coloring pages was the psychologist Carl Jung. Indeed, he was always ahead of his time. He used to study coloring of Mandalas in the beginning of the 20s century thinking it would help the patients to access their subconscious and new self-knowledge. Eventually, Jug found out that coloring Mandalas helped them to de-stress and become calmer.

    The secret of Mandalas is also quite curious. The thing is that Mandalas have concentric circles and geometrical patterns in them. Its specific shape and patterns allows you to stay focused on what you are doing. As a result, instead of meditation session you get the ability to focus on the act of coloring instead of focusing on intrusive and troubling thoughts.

    Develop concentration

    Living in the 21st century with all the distractions around, the ability to concentrate became a serious issue for many people. Coloring is one of the ways to help you concentrate for hours on one picture. It seems to be quite an entertaining stuff to do, and it is. Yet, that’s the kind of entertainment that assists you in self-development. No more, no less.

    Get things done

    One of the major issues in fast paces world is the need to multitask. Literally, you have to be able to multitask and still getting things done if you want to be successful on the market. Diving into the process of coloring gives you the ability to practice in getting things done. Finishing the image gives the feeling of accomplishment. Especially, if it was an image with loads of details and you went for shading, highlighting the crucial parts. It may seem unnecessary, but training your get-stuff-done attitude is priceless, especially in a long run.

    Use your brain to the full

    According to the recent studies, the process of coloring involves both logic and creativity. In order to pick the color for a particular piece of the image, you activate the analytical part of the brain. However, choosing to mix and match colors, you activate your creativity for which is responsible the other side of a brain. Altogether, it helps to incorporate both areas of the cerebral cortex.

    Meditate while coloring

    What is meditation? Basically, it’s the art of doing nothing or simply a way of de-concentration. Meditation helps to relax, reduce stress and clear your mind. Most people find it really difficult to meditate. That’s where coloring comes in handy. During the process of coloring you can achieve same meditative state like during the actual meditation. It will keep you focused on the present moment.
    Moreover, the process of coloring can help us replace negative thoughts with positive ones. At the same time, it reduces the level of anxiety. Instead of being anxious all the time, you get to act. Hence, coloring can be a powerful tool that can benefit your state of mind.

    Reduce or get rid of anxiety for good

    Indeed, anxiety is quite common mental condition. It can affect you when you are young or when you are old the age is not the issue here. For instance, panic attacks cause numerous of symptoms like excessive worry, insomnia, fever, or even thoughts of dying. As unbelievable as it sounds, coloring pages can help. It brings relaxation and helps to manage the mental condition.

    Feel yourself a child for a while

    Remember those days when coloring books was one of the main hobbies o yours? When you are an adult, coloring pages transports you back to the days of stress-free childhood. Simply you get back those memories and they help you to relax and feel more optimistic in general.

    Bringing us back to the simpler times, coloring invokes the best memories in us. Just think about it: a time when you had fewer responsibilities and did things for the pure joy of it. These precious memories can take you out of the present stress and give your brain some rest.

    Rediscover yourself

    Sometimes being an adult means being stuck in a rut of everyday life. Coloring can help to get out of this ‘ground-hog day’ and have some time to yourself. Finally, you can be left with your thoughts face to face in a comfortable and relaxed place. Take your time to find answers to the questions that have been bothering you for quite a while. Give yourself time, place and space. No rush. Listen to yourself. Learn to hear your inner self. Undoubtedly, it will help you to become a mindful and a happy person.

    coloring journal

    Make one decision at a time

    Imagine you need to go to a grocery store to buy something like milk. You can easily get stressed out because of the variety of options on the market: fat percentage, brand, with flavor or without.. these are all daily questions but when it’s just too much to handle, it is too much. You will leave the store with no milk at all instead of trying to figure out which one is the best option. Coloring gives you a break from the world we live in. The only dilemma you will be faced while coloring is which color to pick and which image to color. That’s it!

    Spark your creativity

    One more important benefit of coloring is that it helps to ignite creativity in adults. People who prefer to spend their free time coloring notice after a while that they became great in picking colors for their clothes and pieces of interior. Also, the experience of coloring helps to become more creative in analytical thinking and other social aspects of life.

    Actually, a study from San Francisco State University proved that employees that were regularly engaged in a creative hobby outside of work were rated by their colleagues as more innovative, helpful and team-players than the ones without a creative hobby.
    Getaway into the world of color pencils

    Eventually, everyone needs a rest from time to time. Some of you may prefer watching TV or reading a good book (which is also nice), yet you can just try something different. Try coloring pages just for fun and you may simply enjoy the process. Some say that it’s like vacation without going anywhere.

    Coloring is one of the great ways to escape the reality. Do not get me wrong, escape is not always a bad thing to do. Sometimes we all need some time alone, alone with our thoughts. Or else, get away from the thoughts that bother. Coloring gives the chance to get to know yourself, your creative self that we usually hide for this or for that reason. No matter the reasons, what matters is that each person should give oneself a chance to relax for a while.

    Therefore, take a chance with coloring notebook. Maybe that’s exactly what you have been searching for. First of all, pick the paper you like the most. Afterward, choose the images that induce the desire to color. Then, choose the instruments. I would advise you to use color pencils. They work perfectly with the smooth paper and which is totally great. You can put a layer after layer until the picture satisfies you. However, gel pens will work just fine. It depends on your choice with what you like to work more: pencils or pens. Don’t think anymore. Simply give it a go!

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